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Technology and Price Contribute to Brand Loyalty

By Iron Solutions Posted in Dealer Perspectives | Resources

April 25, 2023

Technology, price, availability, and color all factor into a farmer’s decision to either stick with their favorite tractor brand or switch to another color. Technology is a big factor to consider when thinking of changing brands since machines operate under different and brand-specific technology “clouds.” “I think there’s some brand loyalty out there, but the technology sometimes forces it,” said Don Aberle, Senior Evaluator and Used Equipment Manager, Titan Machinery. “If you have your planter and tractor under one set of technologies, you’re not necessarily going to want to have a combine with a different set.” Customers were more loyal in the past, he said, but customers are getting younger and farming is such a big business that it comes down to dollars and margins when considering new purchases.
“It comes down to dollars and cents rather than color as much as it did in the past,” Aberle said.The customer considers “what best serves my business; what’s going to give me the most opportunity for most margins from my farm and hopefully that dealership is in my hometown.”
There’s always hesitation to switch colors, he said, but the decision is made easier when it gives the customer the most bang for their farm. Want to learn more? Fill out the form below: