Evaluate Your Fleet in Just a Click!

IronFleet allows Lenders and Dealers to obtain updated valuations on all or part of their inventories and portfolios of equipment with a single click.

  • Easily update valuations on all or a portion of your inventory/portfolio
  • Edit equipment details, such as options or hours, for multiple pieces from one screen
  • Notify your team of potential incoming inventory
  • Get alerts for aging inventory from your Dashboard
  • Interface with your business system
Upload your entire lot inventory in no time!

Based on IronGuides® data and input from your business system or data set, IronFleet allows you to filter by Type, Make, Model, Year, Location, and Age in Inventory. Easily see changes in valuations by segment. Identify areas of exposure. A Dashboard gives you ‘at a glance’ visibility to valuation shifts and aging inventory.

For Lenders

  Lenders with large portfolios of ag equipment have to re-assess risk and exposure regularly. Changes in market conditions, commodity prices, and weather events can all impact forecasted values, lease residuals, and risk of default. Appraising and re-appraising large portfolios can be time consuming and prone to error. IronFleet™ was created for portfolio managers to alleviate this problem.

For Dealers

Ag dealers can carry inventory well into the millions of dollars. It is important for the finance and used equipment managers to know with accuracy the value of aging inventory at any moment. In seconds, a finance manager, lease manager, or CFO can assess the value of the entire organization’s inventory with the click of a mouse.

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