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You’re focused on minimizing risk and growing profits. You need to know up-to-minute values of trades so that when it’s time to sell used equipment, you don’t end up with inventory that lowers your margins. Our equipment valuations are built from sales transactions submitted by dealers like you. We strive to deliver the information you need in easy-to-use systems. To be successful, you also need access to data-driven insights and information. You need to see the health of your business in real time through systems that help you stay competitive and grow. The systems need to incorporate innovative new methods that help you find new prospects, connect more closely with customers, create trusted relationships, and sell, sell, sell. Here are a few of the tools we have developed to address those needs.

Iron Solutions: Helping Dealers Drive Sales and Increase Profits

We’re proud to offer an award-winning suite of solutions that provides you and your staff with: Information at your fingertips: See up-to-date valuation and pricing information on used equipment built from transaction reports from equipment dealers. Data you can use: Make better marketing and sales decisions by leveraging data to set prices, plan inventory, and create targeted promotions and incentives. Lead management: Identify the best prospects among your leads and anticipate the needs of the customers you already have.
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Iron Products for Dealers

IronGuides: Use our products to estimate base values and make allowances for variables like options condition and hours of use. With these guides, you can easily calculate sales or trade-in prices, standardize sales processes and improve your return on investment. Available in Basic, Plus and Pro versions to suit your dealerships business needs. IronGuides Other Equipment:Some equipment types, like planters, are highly customized and do not fit well within our normal IronGuides process. For these other equipment types, you can still get a view of actual sold transaction data through our Other Equipment section. IronFleet:IronFleet allows Lenders and Dealers to obtain updated valuations on all or part of their inventories and portfolios of equipment with a single click. IronForecast: Forecast the future wholesale values of machines in your inventory with IronForecast, which projects future values while incorporating potential fluctuations in market, industry and geographic variables. With a better understanding of market factors, you can make more informed transaction decisions regarding inventory and support your margin-control efforts. IronHQ: A cloud-based CRM tailored for the equipment dealer. It lets you manage your business anytime, anywhere without the risk or cost associated with hardware — all with full IronGuides® integration. IronSearch: An on-line marketplace for construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment. The IronGuides Serial Number Handbook: IronGuides has a wealth of information about agricultural serial numbers including where they’re located all the way back to 1928. For the first time we’re publishing this information in its own book
Iron Guides
Pricing based on actual retail-sold transactions.
Iron Guides Other Equipment
Need to Value Equipment that’s not in IronGuides?
Iron Fleet
Appraise your entire inventory with one click!
Iron HQ
Cloud-based CRM solutions for your dealership.
Iron Search
Get to know IronSearch.

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