The Industry’s Trusted Source of Equipment Valuation Information

IronGuides® delivers the power of precise, streamlined valuations into your hands. Our proprietary model is built on actual dealer sales transaction data and refined through careful analysis of how options, characteristics, usage, and customization impact value. With a full spectrum of targeted, tiered solutions, you can access and leverage the data you need to drive business growth and profits.

Put the power of IronGuides® data to work for your business.

FEATURES Official Guide
Official Guide
Official Guide
Regions Included with subscription All 7 All 7 All 7
Maximum # of options 35+ 35+ 35+
Easy Computations
Portable or mobile ready, phone or tablet (accessible anywhere)
Fast Appraisals Under 30 seconds Under 30 seconds Under 30 seconds
Serial # look-up
Historical values
Yellow pages (dealer reports for uncommon models)
Currency Conversions
Email and print appraisals
Set rules for:
  • Cash value adjustment by year, type, make, model
  • Floor planning
  • Margin
Floor plan values
Comparable equipment (advertised and sold)
Create prospect list
Save images of appraisals
Inspection worksheet upload
Estimate equipment values up to 12 months in the future for resale, wholesale and trade-in

Focused Intelligence. Customizable Process. Future Values.

When your business relies on accurate, timely valuations, turn to the industry's most trusted source. Armed with the right data and a well-controlled process, you can optimize your equipment decisions.