IronGuides Outdoor Power Equipment
IronGuides® Outdoor Power Equipment Guide provides values for 11 types of equipment from 70 manufacturers and covers selected options. Model years from 1968 to 2022 are included. It is the Official Equipment Valuation Guide of North American Dealers, Manufacturers and Lenders. PURCHASE BOOK LEARN MORE
IronSearch Buyers Guide
IronSearch® Buyers Guide: Get valuations, specifications and serial numbers on ag equipment manufactured from 1917-2019. Valuations show high, low and average prices. The IronSearch Buyers Guide for Farm Equipment US & Canada Editions is published annually, both in paperback and online. PURCHASE BOOK
Serial Number Handbook
IronGuides® Serial Number Handbook: Identify the exact model year of a machine based on its serial number with the help of this useful guide. It includes the location of the number and covers ag equipment manufactured from 1928 to 2021. PURCHASE BOOK

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