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Manufacturers and the people they employ need quality data to drive the insights used to price and market products optimally. Armed with the largest database of equipment dealer transactions, we’ve remained the go-to source for unbiased, easily accessible data for decades. Whether we’re supplementing or fully integrating with your existing intelligence, our data helps solidify assumptions, provides market insights and strengthens risk assessment so your team can make decisions with confidence. For the Captive Finance Manager, our vast database can provide you not only with current day and historical values, but future equipment values as well. From there, you can issue secure loans at profitable rates and gain competitive edge. For used equipment Remarketing Managers responsible for the creation of targeted, compelling marketing campaigns, supporting dealership sales and devising warranty programs, our data provides a clear picture of the differentiators that set you apart from the competition. Determining the best way to market and finance new equipment while maintaining an acceptable risk profile is no easy task. Neither is analyzing how the value of used equipment is holding up in the marketplace. Iron Solutions®‘ products will help you determine if you have too much money loaded on certain equipment, or if now is the time to be more aggressive on your loans and leases. We’ll assist you in determining where a new model fits into the marketplace, all while keeping an eye on the competition.

Iron Solutions: Your Unbiased Authority

Our equipment market data is not influenced by any brand, manufacturer or dealer group.  Rather, it is through our trusted partnerships with a wide range of manufacturers and dealers that we are able to offer comprehensive, up to date, and unbiased data. We work hard to ensure confidentiality and protect our partners while also providing a service we know you need.
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Iron Solutions Products for Manufacturers

IronForecast: Get a competitive edge with IronForecast.  Understand the economic drivers that impact equipment pricing and just how much those drivers impact values.  Our proprietary model forecasts equipment values up to 84 months into the future, allowing you to anticipate market changes, mitigate your risk yet remain competitive in the market. IronAPI: Tap into our data via our Application Programming Interface (API) to access our IronGuides® data directly in your application. We offer a complete software development kit to guide your team through the configuration process.
Iron Forecast
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