We can provide additional training for all IronHQ customers. Our training is customizable to fit the needs of your dealership and the teams that operate within them.

Benefits of follow-up training include:

  • Strengthen user adoption by reinforcing basic IronHQ skills - navigation, configuring, quoting, appraising trades and managing activities
  • Maximize efficiency by fully utilizing CRM and Sales Automation tools. Learn new ways to store and retrieve customer and sales pipeline data
  • Simplify processes and save time by learning to build Advanced Workflows, Saved Searches, and Reports.

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Our Common Training Packages

Customer & Activity Management Package: Use IronHQ to deepen relationships

  1. Addition of customized fields for specific organizational needs.
    1. Customer Demographics, Crops and Acres Planted
    2. Geographic Locations, Counties, or Territories
    3. Customer Communication Priority Level (contact every 30, 60, 90)
    4. Link to an external form or document
    5. And much more
  2. Modification of the customer or activity forms to match dealer needs
    1. Modify the “calls” screen to match your dealership’s workflow
    2. Workflow creation – to populate fields, send emails, hide fields, or pop up a warning message.
    3. Receive reminders – schedule-based or event-based
  3. Set up of automated reports to track activities and/or customers.

Opportunity Creation & Tracking Package: Use IronHQ to shorten your sales cycle

Creating opportunities from all sources, creating & tracking customer equipment & appraising customer equipment. Tracking & selling opportunities from both Sales Rep & Sales Manager point of view.
  1. Creating a basic IronBuilder™ Opportunity with trade from IronGuides®
  2. Adding customer equipment, appraising and searching for customer equipment
  3. Creating an Inventory Opportunity with a trade from customer equipment
  4. Creating an Opportunity with manually-entered units
  5. Review of Opportunity creation plus cloning of Opportunities
  6. Tracking Opportunities from Home Dashboard, customer screen & using Statuses
  7. Manager Session: Tracking and fulfilling Opportunities

IronHQ Set up Training Package:

Users with roles of Iron Administrator and Iron Sales Manager learn the basics of IronHQ set up.
  1. Basic walkthrough of IronHQ & what can be set up for customizations in the program
  2. Adding margins, other cost, trade guide factors & programs to IronHQ.
  3. Employee management, headers/footers, competitors & quoting from various prices
  4. Review all sections of the set-up process

Advanced IronHQ Training:

Where Iron Admin & Managers will learn the more advanced features of IronHQ
  1. Creating reports & searches in IronHQ
  2. Publishing dashboards & adding additional content to IronHQ including files & documents
  3. Marketing in IronHQ: setup of Lead Sources, email templates and more
  4. Following up with Marketing once a campaign is ready to be entered. Includes assisting your marketing team with setup of first campaign.

Additional Services:

Dealer Form Customization

Work with a professional services team member to design existing dealer forms which will populate from your opportunity. Fees based on the scope of the customizations. Examples of these forms include:
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Worksheet
  • Bill of Sale
  • And More

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