What Is IronHQ?

IronHQ is a unique Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) and sales force management platform tailored to serve multi-store agricultural equipment dealers. Cloud-based and powered by NetSuite®, IronHQ provides total visibility, allowing dealers to manage both customer and equipment lifecycles. Dealers can now monitor the entire sales pipeline, from leads to revenue, with one system. Armed with IronHQ, teams have the real-time information they need to identify trends, improve the sales process and ensure accurate inventory management.  

Who should use IronHQ?

IronHQ is for equipment dealers who spend too much time chasing down information between systems and stores. The platform empowers dealers to streamline their sales process across all locations, automate marketing throughout the business, and identify trends using an enterprise-wide view. REQUEST A DEMO


How does IronHQ help my bottom line?  

Errors cost money, and chip away at profits over time. IronHQ helps dealers control margins and eliminate the slow drip of lost profits by making pre-transaction quoting more accurate. Utilizing IronGuides® Official Guide and the system’s configure/price/quote capability, salespeople can develop opportunities focused on profit and accuracy. It makes businesses more profitable by streamlining operations.  

You know what inventory is on-hand, or what is out of stock, at a moment’s notice. PrecisionHQ even tracks inventory costs down to the unique serialized numbers.  

How exactly does IronHQ help me “streamline my operations”?  

When sales activity, customer activity, leads, future prospects, opportunities and equipment data are scattered across different, independent systems, information isn’t easily manipulated and can’t be utilized in real time. IronHQ centralizes data, organizes it under a unified system and makes it visible and accessible. You see the full picture, rather than one piece at a time.  

Is IronHQ a one-size-fits-all solution?  

No. IronHQ is built on the NetSuite platform, but it was adapted specifically for the agricultural equipment industry. It is highly flexible and can integrate with many of the systems you’re currently using. It can be customized even further to meet the scale and needs of your specific business. Our experts will help you decide which features and add-ons you need to grow.  

Why do I care that it’s cloud based?  

Cloud-based platforms like IronHQ don’t have the risk or costs associated with hardware. Updates are automatic and system-wide, and anyone can access the system from anywhere as long as they have internet connection.  

Do I need to leave the system to access other IronSolutions® resources?  

No. The IronGuides Official Guide and IronSearch are integrated directly into IronHQ.   GET STARTED WITH IronHQ

How IronHQ Helped an Ag Equipment Dealer Make the Most of a Merger

“The tight agricultural economy has hurt our margins,
but it would definitely be worse if we didn’t have IronHQ.”

– Scott Grundstad, Director of Sales for Plains Ag Group


Automate and Streamline. Empower Your Teams. Grow Your Business.

Help your dealership reach its true potential by standardizing your sales process across all locations. Powered by NetSuite but customized for you, IronHQ lets you manage both customer and equipment lifecycles, all on the same platform.

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