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IronHQ is a Game Changer

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August 29, 2022

IronHQ is a Game Changer: It’s the foundation for growth and success

The sales team at Marshall Machinery is spending less time managing internal processes and systems and more time forming quality relationships with customers, thanks to IronHQ.

Marshall Machinery is a five-location ag and construction dealership based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, that has been using IronHQ for over 10 years. President Earl Marshal called it the foundation for their growth and success.

“If you give salespeople a choice, they’re going to want to keep all their notes on a notepad,” Marshall said. “You just can’t scale a business when people are operating like that.”

IronHQ enables instant communication with all teams, across all locations in which the dealership operates. The speed of communication that IronHQ provides, combined with data from EDA, has proven helpful to his organization.

“Now, when a customer wants four quotes for a piece of machinery, the salesman isn’t rolling his eyes,” Marshall said. “It’s going to take him just a few moments.”

“It’s easy to predict buyer behavior with the tool, so we actively manage customers by getting quotes out in front of them at the right time to be the first guy in on the conversation,” he added.

The sales team also tracks loyalty in IronHQ using marketing analytics and customer profiles to identify if a customer is brand, dealer, or salesperson loyal. “It’s not a real surprise when a customer switches brands because of availability issues since it fits with the customer profile,” he said. “It’s off the charts helpful.”

“Once they are proficient with IronHQ, they can build, duplicate and arrange quotes in a heartbeat,” he said. “It changes the game for us. It changes how we do business.”

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