What is PrecisionHQ?

PrecisionHQ is a cloud-based, all-in-one software designed exclusively for precision dealers. In one complete system, business owners can manage hardware, software, services, and sales, all visible with real time metrics. It consolidates dealer financials, CRM processes, ERP functions, and eCommerce into a unified platform that supports precision providers in both transactional and subscription sales. The single sales, finance, and service management database contains all the information dealers need to deliver products, services, and subscriptions while increasing customer renewals.

Who should use PrecisionHQ?

PrecisionHQ is designed for precision dealers. Are you stretched too thin? Do your current systems require too much time entering the same data in numerous systems? Do you try to manage inventory, monitor sales, track cash flow, and schedule services activities, all from scattered business data in numerous out of date spreadsheets? A diagram of current system interconnectivity often looks like a bowl of spaghetti.


How does PrecisionHQ simplify inventory management?

PrecisionHQ connects your inventory, purchase order, sales order and item fulfillment process with one straightforward process. As you receive purchase order inventory, the on-hand values and counts are updated in real-time. As you generate sales orders, inventory is committed and then shipped out via the item fulfillment process.

You know what inventory is on-hand, or what is out of stock, at a moment’s notice. PrecisionHQ even tracks inventory costs down to the unique serialized numbers.

How can I use PrecisionHQ to streamline my business?

PrecisionHQ supports all your accounting, sales and service, inventory, fulfillment and e-commerce operations in one integrated business management suite. PrecisionHQ eliminates costly integration work to glue business processes and departments together, meaning you no longer need to waste time manually re-entering information between systems.

Here are just some of the process benefits reported by businesses that run Precision HQ:

  • Improved productivity and fewer errors due to elimination of double entry between systems
  • Accelerated cash flow because of streamlined order-to-cash process – linking sales, finance and fulfillment
  • Reduced risk through better visibility, forecasting and planning
  • Greater customer value from uplift, cross-selling and advanced item pricing management features
  • Track employee accountability, sales through service
  • Improved vendor relationships through an efficient procure-to-pay process
  • Elimination of errors from old or duplicate customer information
  • Accelerated financial close times

Run Your Business Instead of Your Software

Built specifically for precision dealers, PrecisionHQ reduces costs and unifies scattered data and systems into one system for complete visibility.

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