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Spend Less Time Leveraging Real-Time Market Insights to Reach Peak Profitability

By Iron Solutions Posted in Resources

April 30, 2024

How much time do you spend cost-comparing products before you buy them? A recent study found that “consumers spend an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase.”[1] In the last few years alone, world events have had a major effect on the agricultural sector. Between labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and climate effects, farmers face real headaches reaching levels of profitability. With so many world events impacting costs, companies often pass those costs on to consumers. “Last year, 39% of companies surveyed increased prices due to increasing costs and to keep up with inflation,” according to a recent State of Pricing 2024 from Simon Kucher.[2] 


In a landscape riddled with uncertainties, the ability to make informed decisions about your assets quickly can mean the difference between profitability, victory and defeat. With world dynamics continually shifting at a breakneck pace, farmers must adapt or risk being left behind. Iron Solutions can help, by offering a playbook of real-time insights to empower both farm equipment dealers and lenders in their quest for profitability.

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How can you minimize risk while maximizing profits in a volatile market?

Dealers face a constant barrage of challenges, from fluctuating demand to evolving customer preferences. Iron Solutions understands the game and equips dealers with the tools needed to navigate these turbulent waters. With up-to-the-minute valuation data derived from actual sales transactions, dealers can accurately assess the worth of their inventory, avoiding the pitfalls of overpricing or underselling.


But Iron Solutions doesn’t stop there. Their suite of solutions goes beyond mere data, offering actionable insights to inform pricing strategies, inventory management, and lead generation. With IronGuides, dealers gain access to region-specific valuations and historical data, allowing them to fine-tune their pricing strategies with surgical precision. Meanwhile, IronTrends provides a bird’s-eye view of market trends, enabling dealers to anticipate shifts in demand and stay one step ahead of the competition.



How can you provide quick answers while minimizing risk in the lending game?

Lenders operate in a high-stakes environment where speed and accuracy are paramount. Iron Solutions recognizes these imperatives and equips lenders with the tools needed to streamline the lending process without sacrificing prudence. With IronForecast, lenders gain insights into future equipment values, allowing them to assess risk and make informed lending decisions with confidence.


Our suite of solutions extends beyond valuation, offering lenders a comprehensive toolkit for portfolio management and risk assessment. With IronIndex, lenders gain a barometer of the equipment market’s health, enabling them to identify trends and anticipate market shifts. Meanwhile, IronFleet provides a streamlined solution for valuing equipment portfolios, allowing lenders to stay agile in a rapidly evolving market.


In a world where uncertainty reigns supreme, Iron Solutions stands as a beacon of stability, offering a roadmap to success for both dealers and lenders alike. With their arsenal of real-time insights, businesses can navigate the twists and turns of the market with confidence, emerging victorious in the face of uncertainty.

1. 81% of shoppers conduct online research before purchase

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