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IronGuides® Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

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February 22, 2021

Questions that customers commonly ask about IronGuides Mobile. How long are appraisals available in the app?

Look for the IronGuides symbol IronGuides® Mobile Logo. It will appear next to any machine that can be appraised.

Fields are marked with a blue color bar in the left margin and, if not completed, with the word “REQUIRED” in the right margin.

No. The mobile workflow is independent of the web browser-based application.

Yes. IronGuides is an annual subscription. It can be added to an existing IronGuides subscription with prorated payment terms to align with your existing subscription.

No. The list of inspection forms cannot be updated in the app but customizations are possible by working with your sales rep.

No. You can update adjustments and options within the app.

Appraisals are archived in the mobile app after 90 days but saved in the web browser-based application without time limits. These saved appraisals can be retrieved from the archive at any point. There are more archive options in settings.  

No. You must use the web browser-based application to update values, which requires using credits.

The hardware requirements / device compatibility:

iOS Device Requirements:

  • Minimum iOS Version: 10.0
    • Supported Architectures:
      • armv7
      • arm64
    • Device Family:
      • iPhone
      • iPod touch
      • iPad Required Capabilities: armv7
  • Android Device Requirements:
    • Minimum Android Version:
      • 5.0 Devices: most Android devices running Android 5.0 or higher.
    • The device optionally / preferably has a camera with flash and video capabilities.

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