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Family Values: The Story of Gary Largent

By Mary Herring Posted in Farm Equipment Value Guides | Resources

August 13, 2019

How a family farm and a family ag equipment dealership led to a passion for providing equipment values at Iron Solutions.

“I want dealers to get top dollar for their trade-ins. It’s personal for me.” said Gary Largent, IronGuides Editor at Iron Solutions. Prior to joining Iron Solutions, Largent was a 3rd generation dealership owner with a passion for farmers and the ag industry.

In the photo above, Largent is holding a 1958 photo of him sitting on his Grandpa Alf Largent’s 1952 Ferguson tractor. The farm tractor was purchased from his other Grandfather, Ervin Dowler. Interestingly, the senior Largent purchased his first 1946 tractor in post-war era by trading in his team of horses.

Family Values | Largent Brothers Threshing Outfit circa 1800s
Original Largent Brothers Threshing Outfit, Circa 1800s

“I grew up around the equipment dealership that my grandfather Ervin Dowler started at the end of World War II,” said Largent as he looks at an invoice from his family dealership, showing the 1952 Ford Tractor purchased then at $1,400.

All in the Family | Original invoice from Dowler Tractor & Equipment Company, Shelbyville, Ill

Pictured here is the original invoice from Dowler Tractor & Equipment Company, Shelbyville, Ill., featuring Gleaner Combines and New Holland Farm Machinery. This documents the sale of a 1952 Ferguson Tractor for $1,400, less $600 trade-in of a 1946 Ford Tractor.

Largent treasures these memories and artifacts as they remind him of a childhood spent working on Grandpa Largent’s farm and also in his Grandpa Dowler’s dealership. Largent joined the dealership after his Dad took over, working in sales and service and eventually went on to become a part owner in the dealership.

All in the Family | Gary's grandfather’s sales book
Pictured here is his grandfather’s sales books, including price and data for Dearborn Motors – a Ford Motor Company. “This little leather inventory book is the early predecessor to the Official Iron Guides, as well as some of the other products we sell here at Iron Solutions, to keep track of farm equipment, pricing and options, in the dealership.”

Eventually, Largent took over the family business, located in central Illinois, selling New Holland and Case IH equipment, as well as a host of Shortline equipment companies. After 26 years in the business, Largent decided he was ready to start a new career. Iron Solutions was a perfect fit, allowing him to stay in the agriculture industry that he knows and loves.

Largent brings a unique perspective to Iron Solutions as he also spent his youth working alongside his Grandpa Largent on the family farm. “I understand the plight of a small farmer, as days of planting corn and riding on the tractor and combine are some of my most cherished memories,” Largent recalls. “I also understand the importance of equipment values and accurate data. I work with it every day.”

Largent has been with Iron Solutions for 14 years as a Guides Editor, where he still feels connected to his farming roots as he works to provide values to dealerships across the United States and Canada. Largent understands firsthand that farm equipment is a farmer’s biggest asset and he takes that knowledge with him when talking to dealers.

He graduated from University of Illinois with a degree in Ag Economics. He has been very involved in charitable works with his church, as well as the Cooperative Extension service, Lions Club and former Chairman of the Illinois FFA foundation.

“Gary is our resident expert in equipment, data and all things music,” said Mary Herring, Marketing Associate at Iron Solutions. When our team wants to know what’s happening in Nashville, we go to Gary for the best recommendations,” she said. “Gary has worked at Iron for almost 2 decades and it’s a testament to his passion for the agriculture industry. I’m proud to call him a friend and teammate.”

Largent enjoys travel, photography, and all kinds of music. Here are a few photos taken during his recent trips to Scotland, Iceland, and Calgary.

Family Values | Scotland: Picture by Gary Largent
Scotland: Photo by Gary Largent
Family Values | Iceland: Photo by Gary Largent
Iceland: Photo by Gary Largent
Family Values | Family Values | Iceland: Photo by Gary Largent
Calgary: Photo by Gary Largent

Email Gary [email protected] for more information on his story, or to follow up on this post. Thank you for reading, and let us know if there’s a post you’d like to see written on the IronBlog as we look forward to serving you all things Ag and coming soon!

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