“[EDA] has definitely put us in a position where we can make decisions based on what the customer’s traditional buying structure looks like”

– Casey Seymour, 21st Century Equipment



EDA portal-1

EDA is a massive database of equipment owners.

You can search for specific equipment like tractors, combines, balers, planters, or tillage.

See UCC filing information, additional contacts and D&B® data for each piece of equipment.

  • FIND in-market buyers of specific equipment
  • USE objective market share reports
  • TARGET customers of your competitors
  • GET LEADS to empower your sales team

What can EDA do for me?

You can find out your customers’ and prospects’ …

Likelihood to Buy

Don’t lose the sale to a competitor because you didn’t know a farmer was about to buy.

Buying Probability_Ag

Brand Loyalty

Hunt down conquest sales by knowing which farmers can be persuaded to switch brands.
    Brand Loyalty-2


Why should I buy EDA?

Don’t be a dinosaur. Buy data. No one else has EDA’s access to a base of more than 2 million farmers targetable by crop and acreage.

EDA delivers company specifics:

  • names
  • addresses
  • make
  • model
  • serial number
But EDA also gives you insights by uncovering regional hotspots and hidden opportunities in your AOR.

If you’re looking to target by equipment type ownership, brand or new/used buying preferences, EDA is the source that thousands of subscribers rely on for asset intelligence.

With Iron Solutions, you found the price.


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