Dealers are asking –

Do I really need a CRM?

Take the test.

Have you had the following quoting issues:

Made a pricing error when quoting a piece of equipment?

Had more than one salesman quoting the same customer at different prices?

Find out you’ve paid too much for a trade only after you own it?

Lost a deal because your quote took too long to deliver to the customer?


Inventory issues:

Ordered equipment you don’t need because you don’t know what’s being quoted by your salespeople?

Sold the same piece of equipment twice?

Missed an opportunity to sell a fresh trade to the right customer because the salesperson didn’t know it was in inventory?

Had a miscommunication between the person who sold the equipment and the person who ordered the equipment?


Other issues:

Been left in the dark on potential business because a salesperson leaves?

Missed an opportunity to use the end of an interest-free program to facilitate another sale?

Miscalculated an OEM incentive?

Misquoted a price based on incorrect information related to service costs?

If you answered yes to even one of these issues,
not having a CRM could be costing you thousands of dollars.

Learn how IronHQ can alleviate these common pain points.

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