Our Focus

Data Integrity: We provide the most robust and advanced data available in the agricultural equipment sector, sourced from the equipment dealers themselves. And we have a track record of accuracy and success to prove it.

Innovation: We developed the first cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for equipment dealerships. We strive to provide the industry with unique, value-driven products.

Impartiality: We focus on the data, letting the numbers tell the story, and build our data models with objectivity and fairness.

Expertise: Our team consists of industry-leading data analysts and individuals with deep, generational understanding of the agricultural equipment industry.

What We Do

Iron Solutions® provides market information, analytics-based intelligence and cloud-based enterprise systems to improve dealer productivity and facilitate equipment transactions. Our proprietary valuation model is built from our data-driven understanding of how equipment options, specifications, customization and the economy impact value.

Our ERP and CRM solutions enable better real-time decision making for equipment valuations, inventory-control, customer management and business operations, to more tightly connect dealers to farmers.

Our data and insights also help lenders and insurance companies guide their clients’ equipment purchasing decisions. We manage more than 20 million data points annually from thousands of retail sources throughout North America. Our head office is located just outside of Nashville, in Franklin, TN, and we maintain additional offices throughout Canada and the US.

What We Offer

IronGuides Official Guide

Where We Come From

In the 1930s, farmers began trading in their horses for the tractors that would revolutionize agriculture. As those original tractors got older and newer models came out, farmers wanted to exchange old machines for newer models.

The used equipment market was born, and the organization now known as the Equipment Dealers Association began to consolidate all the new sales information. They developed a trade guide to help dealers understand the market as new attachments like corn pickers and disc plows emerged.

The information in the “Official Tractor and Combine Trade-In Manual” empowered dealers to trade used equipment confidently, which enabled them to buy new equipment from manufacturers. It gave lenders enough data to comfortably issue loans to farmers, who then had the cash to buy new tractors and combines.

In the 1950s, the “Official Tractor and Farm Equipment Guide” continued to be the dealers’ trusted source for equipment value. The Official Guide steered the industry through the boom time of the 1970s and the downturn of the 1980s. With the arrival of the Internet, the book went digital. Although the dealers who were the pioneers in the agricultural equipment sector wouldn’t recognize it in its current form, the IronGuides “Official Guide” is still the resource dealers, farmers, lenders and analysts trust to streamline their operations, improve productivity, reduce costs and speed their growth.

Valuable, actionable intelligence makes for smarter marketing and sales.


We provide solutions to dealers, manufacturers and lenders.