Everyday, Iron Solutions receives actual equipment sales data from equipment dealers across North America. Reported sales transactions enhance the value and accuracy of the most extensive source of verified used equipment pricing—IronGuides®. No matter which method you use to report your sales transactions to Iron Solutions the report remains anonymous. Iron Solutions identifies your information only by region and does not disclose any other dealership information.

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Who Can Participate?

Agriculture Dealers, Industrial/Construction Dealers, Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers

What Should I Report?

  • Report all sold items when sold or within 30 days of date sold.
  • All types of Agricultural, Industrial/Construction and Outdoor Power Equipment

Do I get a Discount for Submitting my dealership sales reports?

Yes. Dealers can receive up to a 20% discount on their IronGuides subscription as well as many other IronGuides products by reporting their sales to Iron Solutions.

How can I qualify for a discount?

First time Dealer customers must report for a year before earning the reporting discount.

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