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Your customer wants a quick answer on his application. You need to minimize risk. Fast and easy equipment valuations are critical, and it all needs to fit within your current business process. To be successful, you also need both current and forecast values to help assess risk on loans and leases. 

Incorporating current and future values, Iron Solutions products help with individual loan and lease decisions and with overall portfolio management. Our equipment valuations are built from sales transactions submitted by dealers, drawing on a database that contains over 20 million data points and over $80 billion in retail transactions. Our valuation forecasts are built from robust models that take into account anticipated fluctuations in key variables that have been shown to influence the equipment markets.

In a perfect world, all this data will interface seamlessly into your systems. Iron Solutions API products can be designed to work directly with your current application. Here’s more detail on the tools we have developed to address your needs.

We have a proven methodology for
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Iron Solutions: Helping Lenders build profit-maximizing portfolios

Quick, easy valuations: See up-to-date valuation and pricing information on used equipment built from retail transactions direct from equipment dealers.

Data you can use: Make better decisions by leveraging graphs and charts that highlight trends.

Historical Insights: To anticipate the future you have to know the past. Gain a view of past fluctuations in equipment values by type, make, class and even model.

Iron Products for Lenders

IronGuides: Use IronGuides to estimate equipment values during your loan or leasing process. With these guides, you can obtain region-specific valuations and adjust for options, including historical values. Available online or through an API interface.

IronGuides Other Equipment:Some equipment types, like planters, are highly customized and do not fit well within our normal IronGuides process. For these other equipment types, you can still get a view of actual sold transaction data through our Other Equipment section.

IronFleet:IronFleet allows Lenders and Dealers to obtain updated valuations on all or part of their inventories and portfolios of equipment with a single click.

IronTrends: Identify key equipment data trends with a simple click. Compare make, model, class and types and see how their valuations have held up over time. Visualize the shift in market share between different types and makes of machines, from 2006 to present day. You can leverage pre-configured dashboards and customize your charts. IronTrends enables a collaborative environment for analysis and decision-making.

IronIndex: Obtain a barometer on the health of the equipment market with IronIndex. Updated quarterly, the IronIndex calculates the historical depreciation of 1-3 year olds from their approximate new selling price, allowing subscribers to determine how equipment classes, OEM’s, or types of machinery is performing against each other and/or the overall index.

IronForecast: Forecast the future Forced Liquidation Value (FLV) of machines in your portfolio with IronForecast, which projects future values while incorporating potential fluctuations in market, industry and geographic variables. With a better understanding of market factors, you can make more informed business decisions and better assess risk.

The IronGuides Serial Number Handbook: Easily identify the model year of ag equipment with the IronGuides Serial Number Handbook. IronGuides has a wealth of information about agricultural serial numbers including where they’re located all the way back to 1928. For the first time we’re publishing this information in its own book

Achieve a deeper understanding of market dynamics.

Historical insights with a simple click.

Lease residuals in a flash.

Valuations based on retail sold transactions.

Need to Value Equipment that’s not in IronGuides?

Appraise your entire inventory with one click!

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