The popular IronGuides appraisal platform is now available in a mobile app. Through collaboration with The Activate Company, the app now also integrates machine inspection functionality.

Appraisals in Hand

Used Equipment Appraisal on IronGuides Mobile Ag equipment dealers have been using IronGuides for decades - first in print, then online, and now in the palm of their hand. IronGuides Mobile extends equipment valuation tools to more convenient locations to be used by a broader range of dealer team members. Each appraisal completed on a mobile device is connected to the cloud and available immediately to the entire organization.

The values returned in the application are the same as those used in the IronGuides desktop application widely used by dealers, OEM’s and lenders. Those values are based on actual sales reports from dealers and auctions across North America.


Plus Inspections Where You Need Them

Used Equipment Inspection on IronGuides Mobile Machine Inspections and appraisals are a normal part of every ag equipment dealer’s day-to-day operations. We've paired these functions and put them into an easy-to-use, connected mobile app to streamline information flow across a dealer’s organization.

Parts, Service, Sales and Finance departments each have a vested interest in timely access to accurate information from the inspection and the valuation components on every piece of used equipment. The IronGuides Mobile app allows users to perform an inspection, take pictures and video, provide comments or instructions, and get an industry-standard appraisal value, all while in the field, on the lot, shop, or job site. The finished inspection and appraisal are immediately available to the rest of the organization as long as the device has a cellular or wifi connection.


And Integrates with Service Solutions

IronGuides Mobile also pairs easily with The Activate Company’s service solution, Activate Customers. Activate Customers allows dealers to effectively follow-up on, and win the parts and service opportunities that arise from trade-in evaluations, service inspections, lease returns and other important interactions between equipment dealers and their customers.

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