What is the Retained Value of Round Balers?

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July 18, 2019

David Davidson, Director at Iron Solutions, looked into the retained valuation of four popular Round Balers.

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When you bale, you bale big, right? In the last issue, “Machinery Insider” took an in-depth look at 5×6-foot baling chambers and round bales that can top 2,000 pounds. These are Class 5 round balers, and if you’re using one, your forage game is on point. Let’s look into retained value when it comes to these big round balers.

“I’ve selected a set of four comparable models of the 2016 model year to compare valuations from the time they were new until now.”

The table below shows the make and model, its price when new, and its used cash value today. The used cash value today is the value retained from its price when new. These values have been normalized by applying typical options, condition, and usage as reflected on the bale meter.

CHALLENGER/MASSEY 2956 $38,048 $25,039 65.8%
JOHN DEERE 569 STD. $39,399 $25,205 64.0%
CASE IH RB56 $42,445 $25,770 60.7%
NEW HOLLAND 560 $38,048 $22,909 60.2%

The retained value of the Challenger/Massey Ferguson 2956 outperforms the class and the 2016 New Holland Rollbelt 560 by nearly six percentage points. That’s over $2,100 better retained value over the last three years. This data comes from IronGuides, an Iron Solutions product, and it has “Guides” in the name for an important reason. It is a guide on the value of equipment.

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