CED Magazine: Valued Valuations

By Kris Jensen-Van Heste Posted in Construction Equipment Value Guides

December 12, 2019

The following is an excerpt about construction valuation from the article Valued Valuations, published in December 2019 issue of CED Magazine

Why would a dealership find an IronGuides subscription useful? Say the dealer has a customer who’s interested in a new piece of equipment, and there’s a used piece of equipment on the table as a possible trade-in. A quick trip to the app and the dealer can ascertain a wide variety of data on the piece, including trade-in value.

“Based on things like model, hours, configuration, the region of the country where the piece is located, we provide what the equipment could retail for – in an instant. You select the model year, options, attachments, like air conditioning, and as you enter the hours, the app adjusts the value [on the fly].

We also provide a reconditioning value. Once a dealer has inputted all the particulars on a piece of equipment, the app calculates [and displays] values for wholesale, trade rough, trade premium, resale cash, and advertised prices.

Our entire objective is giving the dealers [better] information so they can make better decisions,”

—Terry Rasmussen, director of construction with Iron Solutions.

Read the full article here.

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